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CIIS Electronic Reserve Material
Acceptable Amounts and Limits

THE FOLLOWING ARE ALLOWED under Fair Use, when owned by the CIIS Library or the Faculty member:

Journal Articles

  • 1 article from a journal issue
  • 2 articles on the same special topic from the same journal
  • 5 articles within a 5 year span from the same journal
  • Unlimited URL's to freely-accessible Web content

  • 10% of the total number of pages or a chapter that doesn't exceed the 'reasonable portion' limit
  • book excerpts are acceptable within the 'reasonable portion' limit (up to 10% of pages)
Special Note on Journal Article and Book Limits:
If the Library subscribes to the book or journal in electronic format, links to additional articles may be added, although additional .pdfs may not.

Poems, Illustrations and Graphic Images
  • 1 poem from each source
  • 1 illustration or image from each source

Conference Proceedings & 'Anthologies'
  • Whole papers or 'works' in an anthology if less than 15 pages in length AND ALSO limited to no more than 10% of the whole anthology or book of proceedings.

Student Papers
  • Student papers and other unpublished works must be accompanied by a CIIS Student Release and Permission Form for Reserve Use for each paper used.

Faculty Works
  • Unpublished writings, PowerPoint files, class notes, syllabi, etc., for which the Faculty member is the copyright holder (note: if you are not the copyright holder, the limits listed above must be followed).

Additional Materials
  • Book excerpts in the public domain (the book was published prior to 1923)
  • U.S. Government publications

Plays, Musical Scores and Choreographies
  • If they meet the criteria listed above for amount and ownership, AND are not restricted by the copyright holder.

  • Consumables such as workbooks, exercises from textbooks, standardized test and test booklets, answer sheets, etc.
  • Course Packs: Custom published anthologies prepared for sale through local copy centers and bookstores
  • Complete works (e.g. an entire pamphlet, play, book or journal issue)
  • Heavily marked documents
  • Material that has clearly been published in a reader format
  • Materials that exceed the limits stated above

The Library reserves the right to refuse documents for Reserves when they do not meet these criteria.

If more material is required than what fits into the definition of Fair Use, talk to us about other options (including paying copyright fees for use, or checking availability of that material electronically or in print for purchase).

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