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CIIS Library Course Reserves Process

As you collect readings for your courses, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Is the material available through the CIIS Library?

  2. If it's not available from the CIIS Library, do you own a personal copy?

  3. If it's online, is it on a Web site that is freely available?
*Materials available electronically from CIIS Library collections can be built in to your syllabus, or to MyCIIS or Canvas. They can also be used in amounts beyond the basic Acceptable Amount and Limits - ask us for details.

Decide whether it's better to use Physical Reserves, create links to electronic materials for your syllabi or online course spaces, or to create a print reader (or a combination of the three):

  advantages disadvantages
Physical Reserves
  • No cost to students.

  • CIIS has equipment to use A/V materials in the Library that are on reserve (students don't need to own that equipment).
  • Students need to be able to get to CIIS campus (not useful for distance students).

  • Only 1 student can use the material at a time.
Links electronic materials
  • No cost to students.

  • Readings accessible online (no barrier for distance students).
  • Item may not be available in electronic format, or may have copyright restrictions.

  • Can be technical issues.
Print reader
  • More than 1 course can use the same material, and/or the same material can be used multiple times.

  • Students can keep their readings.
  • Expensive for students.

  • Students need to purchase it from the same source (may be difficult for online classes or distance students).

If you decide to use Physical Reserves:

  1. Compile your list of readings, and note which ones are in CIIS Library collections and which ones are from your personal collection.

  2. Fill out a CIIS Course Reserves Cover Sheet for each physical item you wish to place on reserve. These forms are in effect for one term only. We cannot place materials on Physical Reserves without this form. We suggest that you keep a copy of each form for your records.

  3. Bring the forms for all items and any associated material from your personal collection that you wish to place in the Physical Reserves to the Reference Office or Circulation Desk.

If you decide to use links to electronic materials:

  1. Compile your list of readings, and note which ones are in CIIS Library collections (such as e-books, articles in online journals, or databases)

  2. E-mail reserve [at] ciis [dot] edu or call (415) 575-6187 for assistance in finding electronic access to the desired materials and creating links for use in your syllabi or in online course spaces like MyCIIS or Canvas.

Please note:

Sending us the draft of the syllabus for your course or the bibliography/list of readings will help us assist you in finding and creating links.

We will provide this service for additional readings during the term, however, please provide at least a week for the Library to process your request and provide you with links to your readings.

If you decide to use a print reader:

The CIIS Library does not provide this service. Please contact your department for assistance in assembiling a copyright-compliant print reader. Please also note that print readers cannot be put on the CIIS Library reserve shelves.

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