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NCCPL Direct Borrowing Program

The purpose of the Direct Borrowing Program is to enable current students and faculty of NCCPL member libraries to have access to resources unavailable in their own institutions. It is not intended to allow you to use other NCCPL libraries just because they are convenient to your home or office, or for an extended period of time.

To qualify, the first stop for CIIS students and faculty is the circulation desk at the CIIS Library to obtain an NCCPL Direct Borrowing Pass. Each pass entitles you to four visits, including borrowing materials, at any NCCPL library. Be sure to consult the information on member libraries at the NCCPL Web site or in the NCCPL brochure in the Library and to follow the registration and restrictions instructions.

You are responsible for contacting the library before visiting, and for identifying yourself to library staff on arrival.

When you borrow any material from an NCCPL member library, you are responsible for returning it on time and in good condition (and for any fines if it is not).

If you are going in search of a specific book or journal, check that library’s catalog or telephone the library first to be certain it is there.

Many of the NCCPL libraries participate in the WorldCat database. You can search WorldCat by journal title, limiting to Serial Publications, to find out which libraries subscribe to a particular journal. If a participating NCCPL library subscribes, the word NCCPL will appear in green by the title on the results screen. Click on the Libraries Worldwide link to see which libraries have the journal, including many libraries outside of NCCPL.

For any questions about this process, contact the CIIS library by e-mail to askref [at] ciis [dot] edu.

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