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Check My Library Record

What Materials Are Charged Out to Me?

You may access your Library record online to see what materials are charged out to you and when they are due. (Materials borrowed through InterLibrary Loan are not included.)

Checking Your Record

  1. Find the Library Catalog link on your Library's home page.

  2. Click the link at the top right hand corner of the Library Catalog main page that says "Log in to Your Account".

    log in link

  3. Your Login is your first name, a period, and last name (harry.potter).

    Students: your Password is your MyCIIS password.
    Faculty, Staff, Alumni and all others: please contact the library at your school (ACTCM or CIIS) for information about your Password.

    log in window

    Once you successfully log in, your Library account will be displayed, listing the items you have checked out and the date each item is due.

Renewing Materials

You may also renew your Library items after logging in. Under the "Checked Out" tab, you will see a "Renew" column – it will tell you if an item is renewable, and how many renewals you have remaining on the item.

If you see a "Renew" link in the "Renew" column, you may click it and it will add more time, and the new due date will appear in the "Due" column. If an item is not renewable it will say "Not renewable".

Your items may not be renewable for many reasons: maxed out renewals, holds, fines totaling more than ten dollars. Items that are not renewable must be returned to the Library by the due date shown in your account.

Most patrons may renew items, providing they have not been requested by another patron. All materials have varying rules, depending on which Library you are visiting. CIIS patrons can visit the Privileges Matrix for more information.

Please direct questions about renewals to the Library Circulation desk. Here is the contact information for the Circulation Desk for both libraries:

If you checked out CIIS items: e-mail or call (415) 575-6180

If you checked out ACTCM items: send e-mail to

Fines and Fees

The "Checked Out" tab will also show current overdue fines for each item. You may view a total of your current fines by clicking on the "Fines" tab at the top. You can see a more detailed history of all your fines and fees under the “My fines” management tab along the side.


If you do not know your MyCIIS password, please click here to recover it.

If you are not a student or faculty member, you may not have a MyCIIS account. If you are faculty or staff, your password may differ. Please contact the Library Circulation Desk at your Library and we will advise you of your password.

Please note that we update the data in our system the first Wednesday of the month, so if you have changed your MyCIIS password since that time, it may not have been changed yet in the Library. If you have recently changed your password, or you retrieved your password from MyCIIS and it does not work, please call the Library Circulation Desk.


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