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Mythology & Folklore

Anthropological Literature on Disc 1982-1996
CD-ROM available at CIIS Library only
Anthropological Literature on Disc provides cumulative entries from the printed index published from 1984 to 1994. This cumulation covers research articles and reports, commentaries, review essays, and obituaries published in approximately 800 journal titles and more than 150 monographic series titles. This resource covers the broad range of anthropological studies, including cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, archaeology, ethnology and folklore, sociobiology, linguisitics, and urban studies.

Archaeomythology Research Guide (CIIS Library)
In keeping with the definition of Archaeomythology, as coined by Marija Gimbutas, the scope of this multidisciplinary study guide includes: archaeology, mythology, comparative religions, linguistics, folklore, ethnology, history, petroglyphs, and art history. Beginning with the Paleolithic-Neolithic, selected resources include: North Africa, Anatolia, Aegean, Mesopotamia, Classical Greece and Rome, Hebrew, Christian, Medieval, Asia, and Mythology, as well as Archaeomythology Theorists.

The Archive of Research in Archetypal Symbolism is an encyclopedic collection of 17,000 alchemical images and corresponding study sheets that draw on East-West traditions from 50,000 BCE to 2,000 CE .  Selected subjects of special interest for the CIIS community include: psychology, anthropology, archaeology, expressive arts, drama therapy, somatics, archaeomythology, mythology, theology, thealogy, spirituality, religion, philosophy, ecology, and cosmology.

Encyclopedia Mythica (Internet)
Mythology, folklore, mysticism, and more. Contains well over 4,000 definitions of gods and goddesses, supernatural beings and legendary creatures and monsters from all over the world. Some of the mythologies included are: Chinese, Etruscan, Greek, Latvian, Native American, Norse, Persian, and Roman.

Humanities International Complete (EBSCO)
Provides full text of journals, books and other published sources from around the world, including all data from Humanities International Index (indexing and abstracts for more than 2,200 journals and 3.2 million records) plus full text for more than 1,200 journals.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt (Oxford)
Featuring 600 original articles written by leading scholars, goes far beyond the records of archaeology to make available what we know about the full social, political, religious, cultural and artistic legacy of this 5,000-year civilization. The Encyclopedia offers the most complete picture available of ancient Egyptian civilization, from the predynastic era to its eclipse in the seventh century CE. Here is the Egyptian world in illuminating, accessible detail: art, architecture, religion, language, literature, trade, politics, everyday social life and the culture of the court. Of special interest is the coverage of themes and issues that are particularly controversial—such as the new theories of the origins of complex society in the Nile Valley, new discoveries about Greco-Roman Egypt, and new developments in literature, religion, linguistics and other fields, including the debates about Egypt's African legacy.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures (Oxford)
Is the first comprehensive reference source to chronicle Pre-Hispanic, colonial, and modern Mesoamerica, defined as the lands stretching from Mexico to the southern tip of Central America. With more than 600 articles, it is invaluable for those interested in the rich heritage of this land. Encompassing the great civilizations of the pre-Columbian era (including the Olmec, Aztec, and Maya peoples) up through the colonial and postcolonial periods, the Encyclopedia covers art, archaeology, religious studies, anthropology, history, and historiography of the region in fully cross-referenced, signed articles by the leading scholars in the discipline. - Urban Legends Reference Pages (Internet)
Searchable database of urban legends and also common fallacies, misinformation, old wives' tales, strange news stories, rumors, celebrity gossip, and similar items.

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