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California Library Directory (Internet)
This .pdf publication by the California State Library contains location and service information for public main and branch libraries in California listed by city as well as county law, academic and special library listings. It also contains additional information about the California State Library, the Library of California Board, the Library Construction & Renovation Board as well as associations, agencies and library schools in California. This file is a snapshot (in May 2008) of the directory information used to create the print version of the California Library Directory 2008. It is not updated; see the documents listed at the California Library Directory Web site for the most recent information.

The Foundation Center's Foundation Finder (Internet)
Search by name for basic information about foundations within the universe of more than 70,000 private and community foundations in the U.S.

White (Internet)
Search for directory information for people, businesses and reverse phone look-up. Also has international search options (scroll to bottom of page to find "International" link).

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