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Social Networking in CIIS Library

Terms of use, community contributions to the CIIS Library catalog:

Members of the CIIS community are invited to share with the general public their reviews on individual books, audiotapes, or videos in the CIIS Library collection. They are also welcome to tag individual works with key words or terms, to supplement the catalog's search engines. Also, user-created lists of items in our catalog can be made public, meaning that any other user could view that list, change it by adding or deleting items, or copy it into a personal list.

Reviews, public lists, and tags are visible to all -- but community members need to be logged on to their personal Library account to create these.

All reviews, public lists, and tags are moderated by the CIIS Library staff. They will be reviewed to ensure that they are:

  • pertinent and relevant to the specific title (not a general comment or too-broad subject tag)
  • civil (criticism is welcome - but no rants, flames, profanity or disrespectful content)
  • signed (commentators must sign their reviews with their name)
Comments that do not meet these criteria will not be posted to the CIIS library catalog. Public lists or tags that do not meet these criteria will be deleted.

If any of these features should be abused on an ongoing basis by any member, that function will be blocked for the entire community.
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July 14, 2010