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 Circulation Policies
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When borrowing Library material, the borrower accepts full responsibility for its return in good condition, on or before the due date.

Books and CIIS Dissertations/Theses

  • Students, faculty, staff and associate members: 4 week loan period
  • Items that are in Repair or Under Review circulate at the discretion of Library staff (usually only once for a three week period with no renewals)

Audio, DVD and VHS Materials

  • Students (except distance students), faculty, staff and associate members: 1 week loan period
  • Students, faculty and staff may have one renewal; Associate members: no renewals
  • Distance students only may borrow A-V materials for 3 weeks with no renewals (see Distance Students for details)
  • All A-V materials are included in the Library catalog; also see Psychotherapy Video Collection for more in-depth descriptions of those items

Course Reserves

  • Two hour loan period
  • Materials borrowed within two hours of closing are due five min before closing
  • Limited to two reserve checkouts at a time
  • Reserve materials may not leave the Library


  • Journals may not leave the Library (they do not circulate)
  • Pre-2005 volumes may be requested from the Circulation Desk. These must be paged from storage (please allow 48 hours from your request).

Maximum Number of Borrowed Items

  • Students, faculty, staff: no more than twenty items may be checked out at one time
  • Associate members: no more than six items may be checked out at one time

Renewals - log on to your Koha account to renew

  • Students, faculty, staff and associate members: may renew most materials twice if no other patron has placed a hold on the item
  • NCCPL borrowers: no renewals

Holds - log on to your Koha account to place a hold

  • Most patrons may place a hold on any item that is currently checked out or on the shelf.
  • When that item is returned to the Library, it will be held for you for one week and you will be notified of its arrival. If the item is on the shelf it will be pulled for you and held for one week
  • Patrons may not renew items that have a hold placed on them


  • Items designated by faculty for course reserves will be recalled, and become due immediately
  • Patrons must return recalled materials to the Library as soon as possible, regardless of the original due date


  • Fines for books, dissertations, and theses: $0.20 per item per day
  • Fines for course reserves materials: $0.50 per two hour period
  • Fines for audio tapes, DVDs and VHS tapes: $2.00 per day
  • Maximum overdue fine: $50 per item (when item is returned)
  • Any patron may return Library materials (except course reserves) via the mail. If items are postmarked on or before due date, they will not be overdue

Lost Material Replacement

  • If an item is not returned, and a patron does not replace the item in the same semester that it was originally checked out:
    • Lost book, dissertation, or thesis: $70 per item
    • Lost or damaged A-V materials: $150 per item
  • If patron purchases a replacement copy for the Library in the same semester that the item was originally checked out:
    • Additional $10 processing fee per item
    • Replacement copies must be in the same format as the lost or damaged item, and in the same condition or better.

Damage Repair and Replacement Fees

As of November 2011 - Fees will be regularly charged for items returned vandalized or damaged.

If you notice that library material is damaged or is missing parts, inform Library staff before you check it out to avoid being assessed repair or replacement charges.

Items returned damaged including:

  • Marks or Underlining: Highlighter, Pen, Pencil;
  • Tears, Breaks, Bends: Corners, Covers, Pages, Spines;
  • Exposure to: Animals, Food, Liquid, Stains, Water
are subject to the following repair or replacement fees:

Damaged Repair or Replacement Fees

Type of Material: Repair Fee if applicable: Replacement Fee: *Processing Fee: When Billed:
Book $25.00 $70.00 $10.00 Upon return of item
Videos/DVDs, CDs, Audio $25.00 $150.00 $10.00 Upon return of item
*In some cases, you may be permitted to offer a new copy of a book or A/V material to replace one that was destroyed while in your possession. Please check with the Library Office to find out if this may be an option for your circumstance.

Maximum Fees and Fines

  • When combined fees and fines (overdues, ILL charges, and/or lost materials) reach $10, patron cannot check out materials
  • When combined fees and fines are $70 or more, students will not be able to register for the following semester

Distance Students - see Distance Students for more information

CIIS Alumni and Community Members

CIIS alums and community members may purchase an Associates membership - see Library Associates for more information

  • Alumni Membership: $25 per year
  • Friends of the Library Membership: $100 per year
  • Maximum of six items may be checked out at any one time
  • 2 renewals permitted for books - No renewals permitted for A-V materials

Interlibrary Loan - see Interlibrary Loan for more information

  • Interlibrary loan services are available for faculty, currently registered students, and staff
  • Some restrictions apply to distance students. See Distance Students for more information
  • Patrons must pay any fees (or overdue fines) associated with Interlibrary loans

See the Library Privileges Overview for a concise summary of Circulation policies.

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