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CIIS Faculty Publications

The CIIS Library is very proud of the scholarship of the Institute. The Library makes every attempt to collect books, audio recordings and videos authored or edited by past and present faculty. They are interspersed with the full Library collection, but you may search for them in the Library's online catalog by author or title, or by using the keywords "institute author".

A list, alphabetized by author/editor, follows.

Armstrong, Thomas
7 kinds of smart
Awakening genius in the classroom
Awakening your child's natural genius
In their own way
Multiple intelligences in the classroom
The myth of the A.D.D. child
The radiant child
Seeds of healing [audio]
Baylor, George
Le reve : sa nature, sa fonction et une method
Beerel, Annabel C.
Leadership through strategic planning
Birnbaum, Lucia Chiavola
Black madonnas : feminism, religion, and politics in Italy
Dark mother : African origins and godmothers
Liberazione della donna : feminism in Italy
Embody the present women's spirituality [video]
Bogart, Gregory C.
Astrology and spiritual awakening
Finding your life's calling : spiritual dimensions of vocational choice
Therapeutic astrology : using the birth chart in psychotherapy and spiritual counseling
Bronson, Matt
Reality, mind, and language [video]
Caplan, Mariana
Halfway up the mountain
To touch is to live : the need for genuine affection in an impersonal world
Untouched : the need for genuine affection
The way of failure : winning through losing
When holidays are hell-- ! : a guide to surviving
When sons and daughters choose alternative lifestyles
Catell, Padma
Couples, intimacy issues and addiction
Chaudhuri, Haridas
Being, evolution, and immortality
Como enfrentar os problemas da vida
The essence of spiritual philosophy
The evolution of integral consciousness
The Integral philosophy of Sri Aurobindo
Integral yoga : the concept of harmonious and creative living
Mastering the problems of living
Modern man's religion
The Philosophy of integralism
The philosophy of love
Philosophy of meditation
Prayers of affirmation : (a guide to daily meditation)
The Rhythm of truth
Sri Aurobindo : the prophet of life divine
The World philosophers' congress : a symposium or articles of urgent interest on the role of philosophy in the modern world from the pen of eminent philosophers of the East & West
Body awareness and spiritual growth [audio]
Concept of nothingness [audio]
Conquest of death [audio]
The Cosmic religion of Einstein [audio]
Creative meditation [audio]
Dimensions of psychodynamics [audio]
Ego, soul, and God [audio]
Freedom and crown center
Future of civilization [audio]
Future of mankind [audio]
How to attain spiritual maturity [audio]
How to conquer evil [audio]
Integral education and world peace [audio]
Is the world absurd [audio]
Know thyself [audio]
Meditation and creativity [audio]
Mysticism of Meister Eckhardt [audio]
New formula for meditation [audio]
Psychosomatic healing [audio]
Self-actualization and God-realization [audio]
Semantics and spiritual unity [audio]
Spontaneous living according to Zen [audio]
The Therapy of divine love [audio]
Wisdom in human relations [audio]
Yoga and Gestalt therapy [audio]
Yoga and hypnotherapy [audio]
Yoga and psycho-cybernetics [audio]
Yoga and Zen Buddhism [audio]
Zen theory of non-action in action [audio]
Integral visions [video]
Christ, Carol P.
Diving deep and surfacing
Laughter of Aphrodite : reflections on a journey to the goddess
Odyssey with the goddess : a spiritual quest
Rebirth of the goddess
She who changes : re-imagining the divine in the world
Weaving the visions : new patterns in feminist spirituality
Womanspirit rising : a feminist reader in religion
Cooper, Andrew
Playing in the zone
Cortright, Brant
Consciousness and its transformation : papers presented at the Second International Conference on Integral Psychology
Searching for God
Deslauriers, Daniel
Consciousness, science, religion lecture Spring 2001 [CD-ROM]
Emunah, Renee
Acting for real : drama therapy process...
Ferrer, Jorge N.
Revisioning transpersonal theory
Foster, Carolyn
The family patterns workbook : breaking free...
Gadon, Elinor W.
The once and future goddess
Goddess and Asian attitudes toward nature [audio]
Gainsborough, Louis
Of dope and dervishes : a novel
Ghose, Aurobindo
The essential Aurobindo
The mind of light
Sri Aurobindo
Gimbutas, Marija Alseikaite
The civilization of the goddess
Glaskin, G. M.
A door to infinity
Goodman, Steven
Tibetan Buddhism : reason and revelation
Grof, Christina
Spiritual emergency : when personal transformation becomes a crisis
The stormy search for the self
The thirst for wholeness : attachment, addiction...
Grof, Stanislav
The adventure of self-discovery
Ancient wisdom and modern science
Beyond death : the gates of consciousness
Beyond the brain : birth, death, and transcendence in psychotherapy
Books of the dead : manuals for living and dying
The cosmic game : explorations of the frontier
The dimensions of dying and rebirth
East & West : ancient wisdom and modern science
The holotropic mind : the three levels ...
Human consciousness and evolution
The human encounter with death Psychology of the future
LSD psychotherapy
Psychology of the future : lessons from modern consciousness research
Realms of the human unconscious
Spiritual emergency : when personal transformation becomes a crisis
Addiction, spirituality, and western science [audio]
Beyond the brain birth, death, and transcendence [audio]
The healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness [audio]
Implications of consciousness research for theory & practice of psychotherapy [audio]
Modern consciousness research understanding and treatment of addictions [audio]
Saturday panel discussion Harmonia Mundi Conference ; the healing mind [audio]
The transpersonal vision : the healing potential of nonordinary states of consciousness [audio]
Values in action : personal and social challenges [audio]
Halprin, Anna
Dance as a healing art : returning to health ...
Movement ritual : an organization of structural movement to encourage creative exploration
Moving toward life : five decades ...
Circle the earth a peace dance with the planet [video]
Hammerle, Arife Ellen E.
The Sacred journey : unfolding self essence ...
Harman, Willis W.
Biology revisioned
Harris, Obadiah Silas
Unitive spirituality
Hess, Judye
Couples, intimacy issues and addiction
Johnson, Don
The body in psychotherapy : inquiries in somatic psychology
Body : recovering our sensual wisdom
Body, spirit, and democracy
Bone, breath & gesture: practices of embodiment
Groundworks : narratives of embodiment
The protean body : a Rolfer's view of human flexibility
The body & spirituality panel discussion [audio]
The body & spirituality workshop [audio]
Johnson, Edwin Clark
Gay spirituality : the role of gay identity in the transformation of human consciousness
Getting life in perspective : a spiritual romance novel
The myth of the great secret : a search for spiritual meaning in the face of emptiness
The myth of the great secret : an appreciation of Joseph Campbell
Plague : a novel about healing
Secret matter
Johnson, Toby
Getting life in perspective
Jordan, Peg
The fitness instinct : the revolutionary new ...
How the new food labels can save your life
Gathering the goddesses Zsuzsanna Budapest [video]
Women of vision [video]
Kahn, Michael D.
Basic Freud : psychoanalytic thought for twenty ...
Between therapist and client : the new relationship
The tao of conversation : how to talk about ...
Kasl, Elizabeth
Collaborative inquiry as a strategy for adult learning
Keller, Mara
From the realm of the ancestors language of the goddess
Kelly, Sean M.
Individuation and the absolute : Hegel, Jung, and the path toward wholeness
Ken Wilber in dialogue : conversations with leading transpersonal thinkers
Knill, Paolo J.
Minstrels of soul : intermodal expressive therapy ...
Lapin, Daniel
The vampire, Dracula and incest : the vampire ...
Leveton, Eva
A clinician's guide to psychodrama
Adolescent crisis : family counseling approaches ...
Eva's Berlin : memories of a wartime childood
Psychodrama for the timid clinician
Levine, Ellen
Foundations of expressive arts therapy : theoretical and clinical perspectives
Levine, Stephen K.
Foundations of expressive arts therapy : theoretical and clinical perspectives
Poiesis : the language of psychology ...
Liebes, Sidney
A walk through time : from stardust to us
Macy, Joanna
Coming back to life : practices to reconnect ...
Despair and personal power in the nuclear age
Dharma and development : religion as resource in the Sarvodaya self-help movement
Mutual causality in Buddhism and general systems ...
Rilke's book of hours : love poems to God
World as lover, world as self
Bell of Chernobyl [audio]
Buddhist service in the nuclear age [audio]
Celebrate your spirit being bodhisattvas [audio]
Deep time, deep ecology [audio]
Gaia and social/political transformation [audio]
Greening of the self [audio]
Waking up together : a memoir [audio]
Maiden, Anne Hubbell
The Tibetan art of parenting
Marler, Joan
The civilization of the goddess
From the realm of the ancestors : an anthology in honor of Marija Gimbutas
From the realm of the ancestors language of the goddess [audio]
Embody the present women's spirituality [video]
Martin, Rachel
Listening up : reinventing ourselves as teachers and students
McDermott, Robert
Focus on Buddhism : a guide to audio-visual resources for teaching religion
Radhakrishnan : selected writings on philosophy, religion, and culture
Six pillars : introductions to the major works of Sri Aurobindo
The spirit of modern India : writings in philosophy, religion & culture
American thought lecture Spring 2001 [audio]
Buddha, Krishna, Christ [audio]
Christian consciousness scriptures and the City of God [audio]
The Evolution of consciousness from the Gita to ecology [audio]
Evolution of the universe and human consciousness [audio]
Greek consciousness seers, tragedians and philosophers [audio]
Journey through the evolution of western consciousness [audio]
Modern spiritual masters [audio]
Relevance of Rudolf Steiner six lectures [audio]
Renaissance of Christian spirituality eros, ecstasy, and creation [audio]
Rudolf Steiner two views [audio]
Rudolf Steiner lecture Fall 2000 [audio]
Spirit & word sacred texts for spiritual formation [audio]
Spiritual mission of America in the evolution of consciousness
Values in action : personal and social challenges [audio]
What difference does your world view make? [video]
Metzger, Deena
Looking for the faces of God
Tree : essays & pieces
Writing for your life : a guide and companion
Discovering creativity through writing [audio]
Personal disarmament [audio]
Metzner, Ralph
Ayahuasca : hallucinogens, consciousness, and the spirit of nature
The ecstatic adventure
Green psychology : transforming our relationship ...
Know your type : maps of identity
Maps of consciousness : I Ching, Tantra, Tarot, alchemy, astrology, actualism
Opening to inner light : the transformation ...
The psychedelic experience : a manual based on the Tibetan book of the dead
The psychedelic reader : selected from the Psychedelic review
The unfolding self
The well of remembrance : rediscovering the ...
Alchemy and personal transformation [audio]
Astrology cosmos and psyche [audio]
Ayahuasca Amazonian shamanism, science, and spirituality [audio, video]
Gaia and social/political transformation [audio]
Germanic mythology and the fate of Europe [audio]
Nourishing the soul in society [audio]
The split between spirit and nature in European consciousness [audio]
Reality, mind, and language [video]
Montuori, Alfonso
Creators on creating : awakening and cultivating the imaginative mind
Constraints and possibilities : the evolution of knowledge and knowledge of evolution
From power to partnership : creating the future ...
Social creativity
Unusual associates : a festschrift for Frank Barron
Morin, Jack
The erotic mind : unlocking the inner sources ...
Nandiya Mather
Blooming in the Desert : favorite teachings ...
Noble, Vicki
Motherpeace : a way to the goddess through myth, art, and tarot
Shakti woman : feeling our fire, healing our ...
Uncoiling the snake : ancient patterns in contemporary women's lives : a snake power reader
Embody the present women's spirituality [video]
Puhakka, Kaisa
Transpersonal knowing : exploring the horizon of consciousness
Raphael, Simcha Paull
Jewish views of the afterlife
Razak, Arisika
From the realm of the ancestors language of the goddess [audio]
Embody the present women's spirituality [video]
Spiritdancer [video]
Rogers, Natalie
The creative connection : expressive arts as ...
Emerging woman : a decade of midlife transitions
The new talk power : the mind body way to speak without fear
Creative connection [audio]
Creativity and consciousness through person-centered expressive arts [audio]
Person-centered therapy [video]
Roscoe, Will
Changing ones : third and fourth genders in ...
The Zuni man-woman
Sahtouris, Elisabet
Earthdance : living systems in evolution
Gaia : the human journey from chaos to cosmos
Sanders, Pamelaia
Baring my soul : a collection of poems and thoughts ...
Schneider, Kirk J.
The handbook of humanistic psychology : leading edges in theory, research, and practice
Horror and the holy : wisdom-teachings of the monster tale
The paradoxical self : toward an understanding ...
The psychology of existence : an integrative, clinical perspective
Sher, Gail
The moon of the swaying buds : a spiritual ...
One continuous mistake : four noble truths for writers
Shirazi, Bahman
Consciousness and its transformation : papers presented at the Second International Conference on Integral Psychology
Silva, Ilma Ribeiro
Abuso e trauma : efeitos da desordem de estresse
Sircar, Rina Shayamacharan.
The psycho-ethical aspects of Abhidhamma
Sovatsky, Stuart,
Eros, consciousness, and Kundalini : deepening ...
Passions of innocence : tantric celibacy and the ...
Words from the soul : time, east/west spirituality ...
Energetic transmutations in the kundalini process [audio]
Spretnak, Charlene
Lost goddesses of early Greece : a collection ...
The politics of women's spirituality : essays by founding mothers of the movement
The Politics of women's spirituality : essays on the rise of spiritual power within the feminist movement
The resurgence of the real : body, nature ...
The spiritual dimension of green politics
States of grace : the recovery of meaning ...
From the realm of the ancestors language of the goddess [audio]
Gaia and social/political transformation [audio]
Embody the present women's spirituality [video]
Circle round : raising children in goddess ...
Dreaming the dark : magic, sex, & politics
The fifth sacred thing
The pagan book of living and dying : practical ...
The spiral dance : a rebirth of the ancient ...
Truth or dare : encounters with power, reserveity ...
The twelve wild swans : a journey to the realm ...
Steiner, Rudolf
The essential Steiner : basic writings
Swimme, Brian
The hidden heart of the cosmos : humanity and ...
The universe is a green dragon : a cosmic creation story
The universe story : from the primordial flaring forth to the ecozoic era--a celebration of the unfolding of the cosmos
A walk through time : from stardust to us : the evolution of life on earth
The collected thoughts of Thomas Berry [audio]
Dialogue for the Center for Science and Spirituality [audio]
Scientific worldview, deep ecology and Gaia [audio]
The earth's imagination [video]
Embody the present women's spirituality [video]
The hidden heart of the cosmos [video]
The universe story : from the primordial ...Canticle to the cosmos [video]
Tarnas, Richard
Prometheus the awakener : an essay on the ...
The passion of the Western mind [book & audio]
Astrology consciousness research & the post-modern view [audio]
Transfiguration of the western mind [audio]
Ulansey, David
The origins of the Mithraic mysteries
Ancient mystery religions [audio]
Archetypal background of Christianity lecture Spring 2001 [audio]
Walters, Dorothy
Marrow of flame : poems of the spiritual journey
Wilkinson, Tanya
Medea's folly : women, relationships, and ...
Persephone returns : victims, heroes and ...
Wu, I
The book of Lao Tzu, The tao te ching
Chinese philosophical terms
The mind of Chinese Ch'an : the Ch'an School ...

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